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Palliative Care

Palliative Care

People who are terminally ill both young and old should be given the right to die in a place of their own choosing surrounded by family, friends and loved ones if they so desire.
We have demonstrable ability to organise seamless same-day and fast starts for palliative care customers, assigning an experienced and knowledgeable Carer to each case. Carers can arrive at customer’s homes really quickly, with a thorough understanding of their physical and psychological requirements.

Holistic Approach to their every-day care that focus on supporting the whole person through the unity of body, mind, emotion, spirit and environment as these aspects of our lives are closely interconnected and balanced.

Who Do We Support:-

We are able to offer home and community-based care to a wide range of service users, including

  • Older people
  • People with physical incapacity or disablement
  • People with sensory loss including dual sensory impairment
  • The terminally ill
  • Children and their families (including children with complex needs)
  • People with HIV or Aids


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